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Release: 28.11. & 29.11.2020

Cécile Walo & Guests

Radio Virunga, 28.11.2020 13:30 (GMT +2): Goma 98.5

With “Between Beauty and Danger”, Cécile Walo opens a soundscape between information and disinformation in the city of Goma (North Kivu, D. R. Congo). Goma has been the site of atrocious violence for many years, due to interminable wars over the resources necessary for global communication systems; but it is also a site of natural beauty and comfort. What does it mean to communicate where the exploitation of land and people leads to the deafening silence of victims and is at the same time the cruel basis for global connectivity and the information we exchange between loved-ones? What does it mean to confront the spam of opportunists who use these situations to profit by falsifying stories? Through conversation and interviews, Cécile Walo shares with us these ambivalences, in a moment and space where danger and beauty meet.

Cécile Walo

Cécile Walo (born in Goma, D. R. Congo) is an artist, musician and comedian, known in Goma through her artist’s name Sarafina. She has been active in the cultural scene in Goma since a very young age and has collaborated with a wide range of local and international institutions and artists. The collaborations from the D. R. Congo and elsewhere that she is most happy to cite are common endeavors with Orakle Ngoy, Lexxus Légal, Marchal Dixon, Monik Tenday, DCM, Axe La Plume, Nely, Ansia, Black Man, Naxy Girl, Robat, Frank Mastolla, Jolly Malonga. Cécile Walo is firmly grounded in the cultural scene in Goma and the D. R. Congo at large. Living and working in the Congo’s war zone in and around Goma, and the traumatic experiences coming therewith, including the brutal loss of many family members and loved ones, is Cécile Walo’s main motor to continue her arts and stand up against the violences inflicted through the global greed for natural resources and through extractive power structures.