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Spam 4

Release: 06.12.2020


For SPAM, Scaly Kep’na publishes three contributions that revolve around the perceptions of non-binary sexuality in the D. R. Congo. What are the socio-cultural contexts that currently impact LGBTIQA+ lives in Kinshasa? What were precolonial conceptions and social practices of gender? Where do we find ourselves today? What are our experiences? What role do women, and the perception of women, play in all this? And what kind of tensions are playing out between fixed gender roles and the much more complex and rich realities of our lives?

Scaly Kep’na

Scaly Kep’na (born in Kinshasa) is a LGBTIQA+ human rights activist, musician, radio host and founder of the organisation Jeunialissime in the D. R. Congo. He works to change the social perceptions of LGBTIQA+ people. Scaly founded Jeunialissime in 2012 to support young people in his community and encourage others to respect the human rights of all people. The group has found that radio is the ideal forum to confront the stigma and discrimination that exists in Congolese society, and therefore publishes podcasts on the web, under the same name. It is a space where young LGBTIQA+ people in the D. R. Congo can talk openly about their lives and concerns.